how do i know if trend reversed in a bear market vs bull market?

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    The OP of this thread tends to ask a lot of what I refer to as philosophical questions involving his trading that can be easily answered by backtesting his trade method along with giving him confidence in his trading, he needs to be on the sidelines (not trading until favorable market conditions returns for his trade strategy) or telling him his trade method is not adequate for trading at all.

    I can't remember the name of the sponsor here at ET but I do remember the person giving some firm advice that it's a bad sign if the person continues asking questions that can be easily answered by their trade method.

    Then again, he is trading bitcoins, very low-priced stocks and that's something that doesn't tend to follow technical analysis too well. Yet, if he's using technical analysis to help make his trade to know how it performs prior to using it with real money on the line.

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    Trader Curt

    You have to treat Bitcoin as a totally different animal. I started out trading Bitcoin before stocks, and I will say that you can't treat Bitcoin like any stock. Totally different rules when trading crypto. Stocks are like a walk in the park, they gradually go up, and gradually go down. Way more mellow than crypto
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    You still kickin over there?
    How do some of those charts of NILE strike you?
    Likee? No Likee? What.
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    Ask this dog, he knows how to reverse ;):-
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    Coolest dog ever.
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    Way rad than those surfer dogs the owner puts up on the board and gets them going. Although this little guy prolly couldn't yank around a big board in his teeth either. Coolest for sure.
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    i really dont know what to see in these fn charts
    one day people tell me one thing next day i get completely opposite info

    i started trading in bull market when on average price goes up and i could leave my hotdog in market overnight without being eaten
    didnt know what to expect from bear market
    where now i see that you cant leave your hot dog inserted overnight it will be gone in the morning or next day
    now i dont know what the bottom looks like
    im assuming there will be the bottom of bear market and then reversal
    and thats where the pros will start entering their positions and noobs will be too afraid and angry to take new positions after massive losses and will just watch the market go up and up and get more and more angry at it... because they dont know what they are looking for
    i also dont know what im looking for, me understanding what comes next doesnt help me much since i dont know what bottom of the bear market looks like and the signs of reversal

    nile was first stock i traded when i started and it was generally most profitable for me for the last 3 years. until i bought too many shares and didnt stop loss
    so i lost more than half of my account on few bad trades.
    and now have no idea what do look for in the bear market because i dont know what to expect

    everyone on here forgets that new traders have no concept of alot of things you assume are easy or self explanatory.
    its like trying to teach a 5 year old binary code or advanced math when 5 year old barely understands basic math
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    the reason i like nile is because it spikes multiple times a year. and i got myself in majority of those spikes up until last november when todd turned up his scammmeter to 110% snd started draining money out of it while promising magical returns to everyone who hodls.
    i misread the triangle pattern as bullish at 2 dollars and it looked like 2 dollars was a solid support and as soon as i bought it dipped really hard and i was stuck in it.
    and tried to scalp it but then my other issue kicked in where i wouldnt take small profits and end up just riding every trade down because i didnt know how the bear market works
    so i ride multiple trades down.

    now i dont know what to look for because nothing makes sense when it comes to market behavior
    it seems completely illogical. and when that happens im assuming is because its highly manipulated. trap after trap because there are still alot of crypto bros and diamond hands stuck in it and still being drained of their cash
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    How did you get yourself in majority of those spikes?
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