how do i know if trend reversed in a bear market vs bull market?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by mute9003, May 9, 2022.

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    im looking at these charts and just when i think there is a trend reversal its just a fake breakout and back to downside.

    How are you supposed to have confidence when sht is literally doing random moves all the time
    One day a pattern is reversal. Next day it breaks same pattern
    What the hell am i supposed to even look at?

    For example Im trying to figure out whether the crypto bottomed out just now but every time i thought it was going up it would bounce back down
    How do i know when to even buy it?

    I know the price is low but is it a good time to enter the trade?
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  2. You want to look for a volume spike on the daily or weekly chart
  3. KCalhoun

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    I look for 3 up days in a row
  4. Volume spike, no new low after retests, fed support
  5. maxinger



    because there is soo many types of bulls and bears.
    and there are so many types of continuation and reversal patterns.
    and every day the market has different emotions/temperaments/behavior.

    Professional writers like to talk about all those things.
    But professional traders are not interested to know all those things.
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  6. Overnight


    There is no bull trend only ZUUL!

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    Patience grasshopper.....Mag.citrate still has to be added to the koolaid.
  8. Millionaire


    You never know for sure. You have to use a stop loss to cover your ass for all the times when you will be wrong.

    Also bottom and top picking is very hard to pull off. Easier to trade with the trend.
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  9. mute9003


    Crypto dont have volume chart. What do i do then?
  10. Get an account on tradingview or Binance
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