How do I get technical stock screener?

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  1. I am a TD Ameritrade user. I use Advanced Analyzer to screen stocks for swing trading. It had served me pretty well until lately it becomes very unreliable. (It has been down since 08/12, and still no fix yet).

    I have Trade Ideas for day trading, but for swing trading, I need something close to Advanced Analyzer. I just did some search on internet, I found stockfetcher is the closest I can get.

    Do I have other choices for stock screener other than stockfetcher. I do not mind to pay some fee if I can not get a freeware.

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  2. Roark

    Roark is good, but I don't see a way to save your screening criteria.
  3. Most charting apps (ex. AmiBroker) have a scanner module. Not free however.
  4. Thanks for the info.

    Just looked it up. It does not do screening based on indicators, such as RSI, MACD, ETC.
  5. StockVision is great for technical stock screening for swing trading (though doesn't contain screening for fundamentals).
  6. gaj


    just wondering if anyone out there has advanced analyzer working since aug. 13?
  8. leerees


    I use 2, zignals for my own custom made screens (its free)

    and stock vision, which has some predefined screens that are pretty good, it costs about 200 dollars I think.
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    problem with most of the free ones online your not getting real-time feeds, which is an obvious problem. I have been using Stealth Alerts and am quite happy with it
  10. Will install Advanced Analyzer just out of curiosity :) will post afterwards here.
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