How do I get rid of all these anti-virus pop-ups?

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by rhamos, Aug 22, 2008.

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    Hi everyone,

    I am running windows xp on a new computer that is protected with Comodo BOclean, Comodo firewall and Comodo Antivirus. Just recently, I have started to get all sorts of pop-ups, especially ones telling me that I have to install antivirus software as my computer in infected. I think one is called Antivirus 2009. Before I knew that it itself was a virus, I clicked on the run tab (not save). I think this may have started it, because ever since then I have been plagued with pop-ups. The only other things I have done recently are install the updates that show up in the yellow triangle in my toolbar . The last one was service pack 3 I think. I then disbled the MSN messenger that was suddenly running. I haven't done anything else, and my Comodo stuff isn't picking up any problems except for one message I keep getting about HIPs application control blocking "wuauclt " or something.
    If any of this makes sense to anyone I would appreciate some suggestions! My internet seems fine right now but I am worried it may affect it in the future.
    TIA :)
  2. I just got the same thing. I'm not on my home computer now but I think my virus is called something like:

    Antivirus WinXP 2008

    They are trying to make it look like a MS product. It's so bad I'm think of formating my harddisk and re-installing all software.
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  4. Good question.....I was looking through those posts and I think the best solution is to Format your hard drive. You might run into more problems using unfamiliar software to delete this virus.

    The exact name of the virus on my computer is: Antivirus XP 2008
  5. Having cleaned many viruses for others, I would say PC hell is a good place to look for solutions.

    I would also say (one of the recs) superantispyware has been a pretty good cleaner of last resort for the particularly nasty cases.

    Generally you want to google for your specific virus and find the most specific solution if possible.
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    what should you have done when the popup came? click on the x box or something else?
  7. Are you referring to the red X, top right corner to close the window?
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    i thought the popup would have a red Xbox

  9. If you are talking about the red x at the top right of the window to close the window the answer is yes.


    All controls of the window - minimize, close - are part of the virus and do not function. So "closing" it will not work, instead it will install onto your computer.
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