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  1. Hi,

    i am an expert at trading the Emini nasdaq. With 4000 to start i managed to gain about 24000 last year just daytrading. Is that a good enough record to get hired into some big money. I am happy just making 150000 with bonus. Any ideas ?
  2. Why not just trade your own money? I'm sure you can turn that 24,000 into 150,000 this year.
  3. Yep. Stand back.
  4. why mess with a good thing...use proper risk management and grow your account. work for yourself, it seems like your on the right track.

    happy trading.
  5. Probably the fastest way would be to walk into Goldman Sachs on, say a Monday morning (10:00am or so), and ask to take a tour of the trading floor. When you get there, find the trader with the most computer screens, and just put your resume on his keyboard. Your resume only should have your name, and your P&L showing those gains from last year. Then proceed to ask him what desk is yours, and it's game time for you!

    PS - remember to emphasize "if this were a 4 mm account, I would be up around 24 mm".

    Okay, just kidding. Keep trading and learning and you will get noticed if you are good.
  6. -i am an expert at trading the Emini nasdaq. -

    uh oh ...

    kid ... don't worry about a thing

    I suggest you forward your resume to that french bank
    whose initials are S.G.

    they might have an opening as one of their "traders"
    blew up a few weeks ago after a great prior yr.

  7. I read S.G. is having difficulties getting him fired because of the French law. In other words he still has his job but cannot go to work as the police forbade him to show up.
  8. LOL. nice gig.
  9. Thanks for all your responses. Some are great. A lot of blood and sweat for me. No easy walk in the park even i consider myself very bright, not super bright. I have to make a lot of money for myself before i can share my techniques with others. My system is call AV Trade give the trader the control of where the nasdaq behaves in any stages during the trading day. I am sure i am needed somewhere, but where?
  10. The biggest question I would ask is, how is your consistency? Did you make a big chunck of your profit in 1 or 2 mos, or consistent profits throughout the year? If it's throughout the year then you are on the right track. I would suggest you go one more year on your own and then begin sending resumes. You may want to go prop for a couple of years. You could get a good sized account and make good dollars while you are gaining more experience. A one year track record in this business is pretty good because most don't even last a month, but 2 or 3 years is more valuable. Keep doing what you're doing and the chips will fall into place.

    If you are highly consistent right now you could easily hook up with some firm.
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