How do I get an interview at the better prop firms?

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  1. I applied to Chimera Securities a few days ago, Trillium Trading last week, and SIG a couple of weeks ago. Nobody has contacted me back yet. Who should I contact next? Is it smart to contact alumni on Linkedin who work for these companies? Should I upgrade to the premium account for $30 and contact the recruitment manager via Inmail? What should I say? It appears that there are only a few quality firms in my area (NYC) and I want to maximize my chances of getting an interview at each of them.

    Thank you.
  2. R u a profitable trader
  3. I'm a newbie with no trading experience. I am thinking about taking the Series 56. I see some firms pay for it. I want to be competitive, but is that a waste of time?
  4. What do people think of me sending something like this to Trillium Trading?

    Dear Trillium Trading,

    I am Name and I emailed my resume and cover letter to Trillium Trading on May 23rd. I am curious as to if Trillium Trading requires the Series 56 Examination and if taking it in my spare time would help my candidacy? I see Trillium Trading as a premiere proprietary trading firm and I want to do everything I can to show that I could be a strong candidate for this company.

    Thank you,
  5. "curious as to if" don't need "as to"

    after Examination, use a comma

    "and if taking it in my spare time would help my candidacy" ... just delete it

    after firm, use a comma

    ok, enough editing for now
  6. Thanks. I've always been a mediocre writer.
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    I would call them to follow up. Emails can get overlooked. Call and ask for whoever is charge of HR. I wouldn't even bother bringing up the series 56 stuff. You can't take it unless you are affiliated with a trading firm. So even if they say it might help, you can't take it.
  8. Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks. I already emailed them about it. I will call on Monday though. I'm still debating upgrading my Linkedin account to contact the head of recruitment. That will cost $30, but if I get a job I won't care.
  9. places like sig don't give a crap about trading experience and i don’t think they care if you even know what a stock is. I’m not joking. They'll teach you all that.

    The only thing they care about is that you have a really really strong mathematical mind that you can articulate on the interview and really strong academic credentials (math, engineering, physics, yada yada..)
  10. I went to UConn and got a 3.64 in Economics, graduating as an Honors Scholar. Then I took a couple of graduate courses in Mathematics at Fairfield University this past spring. I got A's and A-'s in my upper level math courses: Multivariable, ODE, PDE, Linear Algebra, Complex Analysis. I thought about becoming a quant, but I'd rather be a successful day trader without the programming instead. I know my academic credentials are going up against kids from Harvard and MIT, but I got a 790Q on my GRE. I can do all the brainteasers on Glassdoor without a problem. I just need an interview to show them that I can.
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