How do I get a job at proprietary trading firm?

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  1. Typically there are two ways that a firm like this will onboard a trader:
    - you’ll be hired as an assistant trader via the process I discussed above. In this case they will provide you with some level of training or mentorship/supervision.
    - [i have no personal experience with this] an experienced trader will be hired on the basis of his strategy or perhaps other criteria in a manner more similar to what you describe above.

    @curiousv To give you something more constructive to go on: you said you wanted a *job* at a prop firm. There are other ways in. Look for operational roles. Get your foot in the door and see where it goes.
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  2. JSOP


    What kind of "operational roles" are you talking about here? Receptionist or secretary? If that's the case, what's the difference between that and getting a day job and just trade on the side to become profitable? LOL Anyway, whatever works for him.
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  3. JSOP


    - Accountant (which probably needs specific Accounting degree) not trading related at all,

    - Admin. assistant doing reports

    -Same as the job in Wolverine

    The thing is you can look at thousands and millions of accounting statements, profit/loss statements and reports, you won't know how and why those trades are done which is the "tricks of the trade" that he is looking for. The only way to learn the "tricks of trade" is just to actually trade.
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    knew some backgammon people there before the poker boom. but now you don't need humans as much
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    I think most of the time, affinity for poker/bridge/chess is used to find people that like thinking about risk in complex situations. In reality, working in the modern markets utilizes very little of that "gamesmanship", unless you are doing something like global macro (where it's all games).
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    You want to learn about "risk" in trading? You get burned, lose all your money and that's your risk right there. You learn about "risk" real quick. LOL
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    When we dont know..its better to be silent.

    20 years...I meant to say I am in touch with market for about 20 years ..not necessarily doing trading actively all these years...actually I was mostly in to investing ..since last 3-4 months I have started trading. I think the way I said could have misled you but I still think only dumb people become sarcastic.
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    Did you really read what CME overserver said ?
    He said’ll be hired as an assistant trader via the process

    That is exactly is my solution..... it is not really operational role ...its sorta internship learn while assisting your main trader...

    May I suggest ...STOP RESPONDING TO MY QUESTIONS.. SAVE MY TIME AND YOURS ..I don't like dumb and sarcastic people wasting my time and energy.
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    As a professional trader in an institutional setting you'd learn to think about risk in very specific ways. Even simple ideas on how to quantify (or qualify) your risk are not as straight-forward once you start thinking about them deeply enough.
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