How do I get a Full Refund from Dell ?

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  1. Neal


    I bought Dell XPS 8300 directly from Dell last July, 2011.
    I ordered it with a TV Tuner.

    When Dell guy came to install it, some of the components like Infra Red Kit & Remote Control were missing.

    He logged the complain & promised to come back but he didn’t.
    I called the Sales guy who took my order several times & he promised to take care of it but he never did.

    Finally I wrote an e mail to him letting him know that I was frustrated & this was an unprecedented negligence on Dells part & I wanted to go on a record with this e mail so they wouldn’t deny it in future.
    He called me back & said he would take care of it soon but he didn’t.

    Two weeks earlier, a girl from Dell called me as a routine call & asked me if I was pleased with my system & I replied no & told her my story of TV Tuner & forwarded my September 2011 e mail to her.

    She said she would escalate this to highest authority & it should be resolved soon. I asked her to write me to that effect but she wouldn’t but I pressed on to at least acknowledging my e mail so I have something on record & she hesitantly wrote following.

    “ Hi sir

    As discussed with you on phone that case has been forwarded to the Senior team and they would be handling the case further.


    Two weeks has gone by & no one has yet done anything & now it is a case of “ Not installing the Full System “ plus “ Not providing the support” as well.

    I want to now return the system get my money back while it is still under warranty.

    Can you guys help me Phrase a Letter that would make them refund my money ?


    P.S. Yes, I had given up on the case but them asking me if I was Pleased brought back memories. Meanwhile I have purchased a Workstation from them & don’t need this system anyway. Should I tell them about it ?
  2. newwurldmn


    They have a very good logging system. Through your service tag they can see everything that has happend. I would call them and tell them this is unacceptable. It's been several months and you expect a resolution today otherwise you will return both PC's and go to HP. If they say you are passed the 30 days you will say that you will sue them for not giving you the system they sold to you.

    You might have to do a little yelling but it will get resolved and you might be able to get a discount.

    I had a similar problem with a video card. Ended up getting an upgraded pc express shipped additional 10% off.
  3. Neal


    First, the Asian country I am in, they don't give a damn if you go to HP or anyone else because it is all handled by local Dell people. I have written them in as strong a word as I can. Don't even think about getting any discount or other favors because they screwed up.
    I have been their customer for 10 yrs & they did screw up few times but never gave me any discount or any freebies. I have stuck with them because they are the best I can get here. Others like HP, Compaq, you have to take the system to their shop & they take their own sweet time anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks.

    Legal system here, if I decide to go that route, I will probably die before my case comes to a trial. But doing that will speed up the process & eventually they will fix it but that is not worth the money & time.

    If there is a way to get the money back, I would prefer that. Need help in phrasing my e mail to let them know I mean business.
  4. newwurldmn


    Didn't realize you were in Asia. No idea then... just be firm i guess and persistent. Eventually someone will solve your problem.
  5. Consider working with the provider you used to pay for the product. For example Visa/ MasterCard will work on the buyer's behalf to recover funds paid toward a deal gone wrong.
  6. Neal


    I paid using MasrerCard.

    Over many years that I have used MasterCard, I have never had anything go wrong & have never used them so I don't know how it works.

    Can you please explain how would they help recover my money ?
  7. I agree you need to be persistent, but if everything is logged then what does yelling do? It's just another person on the other end.

    I bought a laptop from DELL a couple years ago. After I received it to my door I went back to the website and it was now $78 bucks cheaper.. I called them and asked to credit me the difference and they did.

    Their a big company, just make sure when you call again you explain everything that has happened and that it is very unprofessional and they need to take care of you.

    There was a forum, I believe that was stating the bad quality of laptop screens (at the time 2006 or so) Dell was using different venders for the screens, people were calling and complaining and returning their items left and right.. Huge threads all over.. Dell kept saying they were fine.. and for the most part the were just a little washed out more then usual.. Finally a dell rep got on the forum and saw all the posts and said he would contact his superiors because it was not acceptable... Dell didnt even know it was a big issue.. a big company with a few complains is nothing to them.. But the thread had screenshots compairing one laptop screen to another and yyou could really see the difference.. and when they saw that, they changed it..

    Maybe get a rep that sympathizes with you on the problem they are causing you. Show them this thread so you can say in the end they took care of it..

    The old adage of telling a few people about that bad crap really spreads compared to the good crap dont remember the exact way it goes...

    ok ok//

  8. RL8093


    I don't know, 9 months is a long time to wait before getting serious... :eek:

  9. Neal


    That is absolutely correct & I did tell them that in writing.
  10. Neal


    Should I post here the e mails I wrote them about doing my best to get their attention to resolve the situation ?

    Please advice.
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