How do I find mutual funds in "specific sectors"

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  1. How do I find mutual funds in specific sectors guys that are not Predetermined for you like morningstar???? IN which you type the "specific" sector u want and it finds the mutual fund for you in that "specific" sector you want!!

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  3. use the fund screener at morningstar. it allows you to virtually screen for anything specific regarding all mutual funds. this might be a "premier" feature, but you can get a 2 week free trial with it and then cancel.

    try it out. i think it'll do what you need it to...

  4. Thanks people BUT I ASKED FOR mutual fund websites that give specific mutual funds for "specific sectors", I can type in "besides" morningstar????
  5. im CAN do this with morningstar

    that, and a lot more...but you might have to use the premier tool