how do I evaluate a course?

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    Okay, a few weeks ago I requested information about the books on making money trading. I'm getting the books from the library.

    In the mean time, an acquaintance of mine mentioned going to a trading class held in GA, USA a few years ago. (Not sure if I can mention the class or the name of the instructor as I don't want to spam).

    I have not been able to get a hold of this guy since he attended the course, some time in 2008.

    But, I'm curious, how would you evaluate an instructor or the course?

    Per the website for this course, they'll provide the software that will teach me to spot the trends (all I'd need is a charting program)

    This program claims to..."It was decided to abandon all the traditional trading indicators and adopt something entirely new, the statistical measurement of price movement."

    better yet, what kind of questions would you ask if you were me?

    The price is about 1K with lifetime e-mail support. While it's a bit steep, I imagine that I can easily loose the money making a bad trade and hopefully will just as easily get it back if the course will teach me the right strategies.
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    Watch him trade live for at least 1 week. see if he is real or just selling information that does not work live.
  3. aside from the fact that almost no one is selling a course that works, and that even if it did, most people could not trade it successfully for some reason or another (and trying to ignore the possibility that you are linked to this course and may be shilling for it like 100s of others have before with so few posts), you would have to guess that the reasons of strong success with the course mentioned in your post is somewhere below1%.
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    You mean the Precision Trading System? I know nothing about it but I'm sure someone here can shoot them down for you. Their trading history shows ALL WINS and ZERO LOSSES if I'm reading it right.
  5. "(and trying to ignore the possibility that you are linked to this course and may be shilling for it like 100s of others have before with so few posts)"

    Yeah, JoePaternoZones, he waited 4 1/2 years to start spamming. Give me a break!

  6. LOL.....

    I always think of Charles Joseph Minard when I see an OP JP IS going to respond to.

    CJM did an illustration of Napoleon's army as it travelled from and to the Polish border. (1812)* JP must have been CJM's "clicker" at various points along the routes.

    Tufte regards it as one of the best statistical graphics ever done.

    JP should duplicate the route graphic by putting nodes between each of his SOP comment markers. Then JP could just post the graphic over and over instead of cutting and pasting the same post he alwys makes.

    I would post CJM's work but it is in French and I know JP would not understand it.

    * See page 176 of " The visual display of Quantitative Information", by E. R. Tufte, 1983.
  7. It is a tradition on ET to pay 300/hr + expenses, portal to portal, to have some skilled longer term member of ET evaluate courses and instructors.

    The reason is, it keeps JP occupied trying to find out how to be the person doing the evaluation(s).

    Currently, there is a small waiting list for evaluation(s) since there are so many to do.

    You have been a member long enough, however. Our cutoff for membership longevity is currently May 2008.
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    If you are going to pay money to anyone claiming they trade the markets OR if you are considering buying a trading method, ask for past three years of monthly brokerage statements. And then jump back a few feet and hear all the reasons they can't or won't do so.

    Most people when they buy a car ask about MPG, warranties, safety, they go back a few times, take test drives, they spend a good amount of time deciding.

    It should be this way too dealing with trading. You are going to invest money and a great deal of time and 99% of this time quite possible be a waste of money and time.

    But you have to ask yourself one question, why?

    Why would anyone want to teach a method for a lousy five grand if you can trade yourself? I have mentored folks through the years, trading is boring after a while, but to teach someone is not like spending a week and then say you can trade, takes a min of several months, of everyday interaction during market hours.

    And if you buy a method, eventually that method is going to have to be "tweaked," and those who bought them usually don't have the skills to do so, that is why they bought them in first place.
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    Handle 123
    Great post you nailed it.
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    Well, unlike real estate, which in a sense is limited, what does the trainer have to loose if their methods are reproduced?

    Supposedly, this person guarantees that any future software updates will be included along with the tweaks.
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