How do I enter YM symbol in QuoteTracker

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  1. ES is GLOBEX:mad:ESZ7

    how to I enter YM?

    I tried: ECBOT:mad:YMZ7 and it didn't work.
  2. tyler19


    I think it depends on who you are getting your data from?
  3. shliang


    i had this problem before. The QuoteTracker help site has this information.
  4. You need to put the symbol in semi-quotes .... ' '
  5. Schaefer


    ECBOT:mad:YM DEC 07

    Three spaces between YM, and DEC. And one space between DEC, and 07.

    This assuming, you're using IB :)


    Edit: Due to ET's auto editing, it won't show the correct spacing on the example above. But just follow the instruction.
  6. WD40


    feck, it is described in qt's website.
  7. You never replied to tyler19's question.

    Who are you getting your data from?

    The individual symbol of any given indice is not based on QT's specs, but rather the company that you are getting your data feed from.

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  8. What kind of tit starts a thread just to ask a dumb ass question like that?
    For fuck sake, contact quote tracker help line they have people that will respond quickly ...duh..
  9. You'd be surprised.

    That sort of question is more suitable at
  10. If it's for a QT portfolio and you haven't rolled over simply use: @ESZ7 AND @YMZ7 in the symbol column of the Portfolios and Alerts window [go to "Portfolio" and tab to "Edit ...".]
    If you wish to trade, I think it depends on your broker. According to IB, which is what I use, for the ES use ESZ7 and for the YM use YM DEC 07 [with a space between YM&DEC and between DEC&07].

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