How do I do this, show a picture ?

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    This is a test posting multiple (PAST) charts not relevant for current day trading.

    <img src=>

    <img src=>

    The following is from post dated 4-14-13 on this thread with today's in blue edits....

    The first two images--the charts--are copied from another post that you, yourself, temporarily created.. It was done by going to that temporary post and clicking QUOTE in the lower right corner of that original post, and when the template comes up that includes the quote it will include the code for the image. COPY IT ! Paste it into the new post where it is desired.
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    Reference my last post. It has 1 chart on it, but it started with two charts on it that I actually had illustrated on that post in the early stages of drafting that post. Dunno what happened to the second one. But the procedure as explained on that post does work.

    Now if there is a simpler way to post two (or more) of one's own charts, I would hope someone posts to this thread to describe it. I would think that the "browse" button would allow you to post more than one chart from your computer, but it hasn't worked for me.
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    You can post multiple charts (as many as you want) in one message post via the html img tag. Also, there's dozens of free image storage sites that you can use to store your images so that you can link to those images in your message post as many times as you want. Some of the common ones I've seen used here at ET is photobucket, tinypic, flickr, imageshack, imgur.



    In contrast, you can only upload (attach) only one file per message post and that file can be any of the following...

    Valid file extensions: gif jpg png doc xls pag txt pdf zip mq4 rar ex4

    More information about ET vB codes @
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    wrbtrader, I am grateful. You have brought together the distinction between "multiple charts" in one message using the img tag and the notion of uploading a file.

    Your pointing to the ET code reference had me finding there:

    Adding Images

    To include a picture or graphic within the body of your message, you can simply surround the address of the image as shown here:

    [a sample code was cited here]

    Note that the http:// part of the image URL is required for the code.

    You can even create a thumbnail-type hyperlink by surrounding your [img] code with a [url] code like this:

    [a sample code was cited here]

    A little more investigatory work (simply by googling "img code") took me to [color=blue][/color] which helps.

    When you indicate there are storage sites on the web to allow keeping an inventory of--let's say--charts, you are stating you can LINK to the chart, I believe. However, seeing lots of examples on this thread of transposing pictures from the web (including, I assume, charts at a photo storage site) to posts on this thread, it appears one can do that, too.

    Now what if John Doe's chart is on his post that I want to transpose to my post ? Can I use the img tag on John's post to do that ?
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    This is a test. If it works out ok, I will leave it for my (and others possibly) reference.

    This came from wrbtraders earlier post above. It could be copied as a jpeg, but I knew I wanted to upload the below image as a jpeg that I had saved to my computer to be uploaded to this post. The ET protocol for uploading to a post is limited to only one image. So I chose to arrange to post the above by way of copying its img tag and pasting it here (above).

    <img src=>
    I actually copied this off the ET forums menu like a photo (Futures Trading section / Index Futures forum), pasted it on my photo editor to make small modifications and saved it to my computer as a jpeg. I then uploaded it to this post.

    <img src=>
    Again, this was using an img tag to copy the chart from the earlier post above.

    My thanks to wrbtrader and his post above to clarify things.
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  7. Test: uploading a modification of Game's chart...

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