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  1. I don't know... I guess I just couldn't learn to figure skate.

    Those are actual soil and mineral collections that occur when wind blows stuff in one time cracks and, for glaciers when two glaciers merge going down to the calving areas set aside for them.

    I'll dig up sone shots of glaciers fron the North Beagle Passage. There are tangential fiords along the passage and many many very large glaciers merging. The coloration of the glacial melt meeting the slat water is a terrific shearline example as well.
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  2. here's a three part glacier with two dirt stripes.

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  3. you can see the dirt leaves first

    a closer view

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  4. Our ship was 90 degrees to the fiord (Girabaldi in this case) and the fiord was up to 2 lengths wide.

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  5. here is view looking back where we came into area.

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  6. This is charted type boat (2,200 per day per person for two weeks min)

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  8. This shows some glacial melt. Temp was about 40 degrees and the wind was 40 knots from the west right down the Horth Beagle Pasage. The andes are right on the passage and the passage is the second one crossing S America. Further North the first slice is the circumnavigating passage that is famous.


    A couple of notable things: The melt/salt shear and the evident receding of this glaciar from the coast (see smoothed surface)
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    Awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing.
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    LOL! Got me with that one. The one with the people in the RIB sure looks like someone poured blue dye down the sides. Great shots. Thanks for posting them. And kudos for getting the pic posting down. - EZ
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