How do I do this, show a picture ?

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  1. test

    Can everyone see the horse??....... lol

    Two problems.

    I do not see "copy picture address" when I right click on the horse pic.

    I clicked "copy" since it seemed close.

    I Typed

    and did CNTRL +V

    nothing appeared but I trusted the puter and


    and then hit submit reply.
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  2. test


    Can you see the horse???

    now my problem.

    i want to post a pic or something from a folder in My Documents which is a place in my computer. The folder in My Documents is named My Pictures. I do not think that these places are on the internet.

    I left a message with Joe and I'm sure we will get me straightened out.

    In the mean time I will play with an iceberg pic
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  3. test

    funny iceberg

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  4. ehorn


    There you go :) Pretty Pic!

    [ img ][b]1991183[/b][ /img ]
    The last attempt was missing the post ID. I have added the codeblock (with spaces in the img tag to prevent it from posting the image). This can be used as a template with only the post id needing to be changed. (and the spaces removed from the img tag).
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  5. Its a different iceberg but that is cloes enough.

    Here is what I did after several trys

    0. I wrote a post and included in the post with one space between the ] and [.

    1. I attached pic of iceberg from my files.

    2. I Posted the the message by hitting Submit reply.

    3. Then I started fooling around.

    4. I right clicked on the attachment and it brought up things.

    5. I clicked on copy shortcut. (I do not know what a shortcut is as yet)

    6. I when to the space between ] and [ and I right clicked.

    7. A box showed up (drop down menu, maybe??)

    8. I clicked PASTE

    9. The space between ] and [ filled up and I took out the original single space to make it neat.

    10. Then I hit Submit reply

    11' It worked so I hit edit and typed all these steps.

    12. I am going to hit submit reply again.
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  6. that was a surprise to me. too I did a space but it was a futile type space. Your spaces are the trick. I did try to get the pic to pop on earlier tries by clicking the the X in the block.

    I have a patent on iceberg painting with veggie dyes that aren't soluble in salt water below 32 degrees; above 23 degrees they go off like fireworks (borealis like silent friendly displays) and only consume NO-X's and do not form CO-2's. The dye continually pennetrated the ice below 32 degrees to keep the painting working. I am heavy into burnt umber.
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  7. test 2


    Chain sawed Iceberg with blue dye added last (bird topping, chain sawed)
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  8. ehorn


    Sounds cool and exciting (above 23 - back up the boat) :)

    Awesome pics Jack! Beautiful!
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  9. I'm on a roll. would you like to see 6180 sq mile piece popping off???

    I can't resist

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  10. ehorn


    Where were you when this pic was taken? Standing on terra (somewhat) firma? :D

    How thick was that piece?
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