How do I do this, show a picture ?

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  1. Digs


    How does one past a picture on the web, a jpeg.

    When I wish to upload it, many forums ask for the http// address of the picture(jpeg).

    Yet the picture is on my desktop ?

    So do i need to upload it some where on the web first ?

    Please advise ???
  2. Lucrum


    You can use the "Browse" button below the window you type in to attach a picture.
  3. I use

    1) upload pic to tinypic
    2) copy the link for the one that says: IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards
    3) paste into forum

    And like that, you have an image:


    note - many of the newer forum softwares allow you to bypass uploading to tinypic but ET does not have that available.
  4. Joe


    To post pictures or charts, follow the directions below.
    1) Create your post and attach your picture.
    2) Press the post button, do not preview it or you will lose your attachment.
    3) Once it is posted and you can see it attached on the site, take a
    look at the edit button and find the post ID #, you can find it by
    right clicking on the edit button and going to properties (Hint: It
    will look similar to the link below, but all you need is the numbers
    at the end).
    4) Once you have found that info, press the edit button with the left
    mouse button on your post and insert the link below, but switch out
    the post ID number at the end. Make sure to include the <img src= .
    Otherwise it wont work.
    4) <img src=>
    5) Click save, and your chart should appear.

    If you have any questions, please let me know.
    Joe A.
  5. Joe


    Just press the quote button to see what is said, without the picture appearing.
  6. Tums


    this is too much trouble for a computer age.

    ET should be able to write a little routine into the Post Reply page so that pasting a picture is only a click of a button.

  7. Digs


    This is a TEST


    Whoopee got to work !!1
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  8. I definitely could not follow the instructions 1 through 5. Step 4 looks like about 3 or 4 individual steps.

    It would be terrific to put pics in posts.
  9. Joe


    Not a problem Jack, PM me your phone number and I will take you step by step on the "how to" of posting pics.
  10. Pekelo


    If the picture is from the internet, you right click on the picture and Choose Copy picture address.

    Then you manually make this in your post:


    Where CTRL means your Ctrl key on the keyboard and V means the letter V.The + signs means that you press at the same time Ctrl and V. Pretty simple, even Jack can understand it...
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