How Do I Display VWAP on Charts in TWS?

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  1. The closest thing I can find to VWAP is what TWS calls "VWAP Of The Bar" and it is not VWAP at all and doesn't even remotely resemble VWAP. I know it is in there somewhere but I just can't find it. I have mostly been using Bollinger Bands but VWAP is really useful, too. I am almost certain I was trading on the laptop with VWAP showing when I first started. Now I am using a desktop machine and yeah, same OS and everything, but I can't find VWAP in the indicator options.
  2. The closest thing to VWAP I found:

    Chart Settings->Studies->Intraday Volume Weighted Moving Average Price
    For the standard deviation parameter use 0.0001 for instance and 1 as Intraday VWAP period (days).

    Using these parameters, it might give the VWAP upper boundary (high price of the bar weighted by volume) and the VWAP lower boundary (low price of the bar weighted by volume).
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    Just use Tradingview chart instead.
  4. Yeah I tried that one. I don't know... didn't seem to do what I am looking for. But reducing std devivation to near zero to consolidate boundaries into the average line is a pretty clever trick.
  5. I have done exactly that. I really like TradingView and when I am only trading one position at a time, I use it for my entry signals. The VWAP looks really good on TV charts. I was messing with Ichimoku clouds but right now that is on the back burner, but TV does a really good implimentation of them. Lots of good indicators available on TV though some look just plain silly. "Hey guys, just for shits and grins, let's design a new indicator, a really goofy one, and see if anybody actually takes it seriously!" LOL. I probably ought to get a couple more monitors so I can spread out some TradingView charts.

    It might be cool to trade at IB directly from the TradingView charts, actually. I don't know if there would be latency issues or not.

    I use TradingView for my scanner, too. A lot more options there than the scanner built into TWS.
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    Or use MotiveWave with IB instead. We've got VWAP.
  7. Only runs on Mac or Windows. I can't use it.
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    Try ......
    Chart Settings
    Additional Data and Features
    VWAP of the bar

    Viewable in the text on the chart (bottom left) and line when cursor moving over the bars.
  9. Not really what I am looking for. I have tried that already. Its not the same thing.
  10. vwap is in there

    dig for it
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