how do I create a trading plan?

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    Where or how do I find information about a trading plan.

  2. Here's a pdf I downloaded quite some time ago. It should give you an idea on what a strategy can or should consist of.

  3. May share this with some of our newbies.
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  5. Many people have actually traded without a trading plan. Trading Plans allow you to monitor your trades with a particular set of goals in mind. Before set trading plan a person will need to adjust with the information as the market conditions change and your trading methods change. I was updating the trading plan every fourth or if you trade certain times within the year, set up a regular date to update or modify your trade plan.
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    i will make it simple you to make a trading plan:
    Skill assessment
    Mental preparation
    Set risk level
    Set goals
    Do your homework
    Trade preparation
    Set exit rules
    Set entry rules
    Keep excellent records
    Perform a post-mortem

    For more details of the points you can visit there you would find elaborate explanation.
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    Now this is why this board isn't as filled with crap as some suggest. Thanks for the links! Information like this is much appreciated. The plan I have is weak and unstable this information should help improve.
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