How do I connect the AHG room

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    Hello all,
    SIA for the ignorance, but how do I connect the AHG chat room, what the address, if it's an IRC on which server it is? and, does anyone can join or you need an invetation?

  2. I think you have to achieve a certain level of porn sharing skills before you can join. LOL. I don't know, why don't you PM Anekdoten?
  3. I think you need an invetation
  4. You probably won't get in.
  5. Anek started AHG as a public room, as the total number of members in the room got out of control he proceeded to filter the members based on dedication and hard work.

    Now he's got sort of a team of apostles and the doors are closed for everyone else.

    It is now a very tight private community.

    There is no way inside the room.
  6. I heard it's a pay room now.
  7. You can be admitted only if you are willing to provide very attractive females for the use of the room.
  8. Not a chance.
  9. I also heard his room is a Secret Society kind of like the Freemasons.
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