How do I compete "They"?

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  1. This is about Trading!
    They see the order flows. I see nothing but think I do while guessing on TS/L2/charts.

    They shift their order like crazy without cost. I was forbidden or penalized to cancel my orders.

    They unify their sources and actions. I am alone and even blinded by their media partners.

    They arbitrage with no time and little cost. I have to wait or have high splipperage.

    They sit there got their order filled. My orders never get executed unless the market is moving against me.

    Conclusion: You will not be able to complete "they". Do not even try to join "they" as you won't be able to. Otherwise only your dirty broker will be happy.
  2. To succeed in that is called trading.
    If you can't do it find another career.
  3. Stick with the index futures, liquid ETFs (QQQ, SPY, SMH), and high-caps (average daily volume greater than 10 million shares). Focus on market direction and turns, and you can do it. Buy down gaps in uptrends and short up gaps in downtrends. Take breakouts after narrow-range days and fade support/resistance after wide-range days. Keep it simple.
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  5. That was a good one, Aphie. lol
  6. There are plenty of traders who succeed despite the presence of "they". And there are plenty who do not succeed. The types of things you speak of happen to everyone in this business. In fact, all business is wrought with unforeseeable (sp), perhaps unfair disadvantages occasionally. But that is exactly why the payoff in this biz is so great, because the risk is great.

    There are plenty of opportunities with far less risk.. ie., become an employee and punch a time clock. But the reward will be commensurate to the risk.

    It is always your choice... and not an illusion.


    "They" should ban you and your idiotic rants from this website.
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    There are two types of "They."

    The locals--the floor traders and electronic pit traders-- and the Smart Money. You will never be able to compete with the Smart Money so you have to start thinking like a local.
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    Trading is a business. Just consider this is part of the overhead. Since the Smart Money may have information that is not available to public, try not to predict. Instead, try to take advantage of the over-reaction of the herd.

    Just my two cents.

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    Let's look at the above points ...

    1. LOL ... No one is "forbidden" to cancel an order he/she places. Second, if you're penalized costwise to cancel then find a new direct access provider. There are guys who don't charge to cancel.

    2. "unify their sources"? That to me sounds like a paranoid statement as in "they are out to get me". The playing field in trading is a lot more level today than it was years ago. It's not ever going to be completely level IMO.

    3. "high slipperage"? Huh? I buy at the bid and sell at the ask 95% of the time. if you're placing market orders then there will be slippage.

    4. "orders never get filled unless the market is moving against you". Do you trade with an internet broker where you don't have direct access to the markets? If so, you're handicapping yourself right off the bat. If you want to play the game you have to have the tools to play.

    Your conclusion is nonsense; you have a defeatist attitude and with such an attitude you'll not succeed.
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