how do I compare to HF or mutual fund?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by noob_trad3r, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. I try to keep my portfolio hedged and try to get decent safe returns. This is from the Etrade perfromance screen.
  2. clacy


    2.5 months of data makes it impossible to say.
  3. I guess thats true. I am primarily using options and equity, I trade probably 8-10 times a quarter.

    I figured better than having a mutual fund with all the loads etc..
  4. clacy


    You're outperforming the S&P. If you can do that consistently over time, you'll be a very rich man someday.
  5. You are beating the overall market, which most mutual funds are unable to do so you're doing great. If you can do this regularly, you are much better off than being in funds.

    And you might want to start your own to get those loads.

  6. Looks good so far, but it's tough to say without knowing the risk you've taken.

    I have no clue what your portfolio is, but I imagine one could have made a strong return just going long ATM call options so far this year. However, that would also include taking on a certain amount of risk, which needs to be considered when evaluating performance.