How do I become this guy?

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    I don't get it.....:confused:

    How does someone like this start out and one day find themselves making hundreds of millions of dollars teaching everyone how to upsell???

    I browsed his books and all he does is rehash the same old Zig Ziglar lines with a different spin and different quotes from various authors to make a point.

    Who pays $2500 per person to hear this guy tell them how to manage their time and sell more?


    Forget trading for a living.. I want to be this guy...

    Where do I sign up and how do I get started???:confused:
  2. I LOVE 100% UP ROOM TO GO $$$$$
  3. Here is the best part

    His bio:

    "Since overcoming his family's traumatic car accident, a two-year drug addiction, and the financial collapse of his company, Duncan has quickly become a friend and mentor to salespeople around the globe who are seeking to knowledge on how to achieve success in today's marketplace"

    WTF??? Dude sounded like a success to me....

    How do we go from "the financial collapse of his company" to showing people how to be a sucess???

    Please let me know because I had a company that lost everything and I want to show people how to be a sucess like me and make millions as well....:confused: :confused:
  4. Don't be hatin' ,man. Its all good.
  5. EqtTrdr,

    Most of these guys or gals like that are good speakers.

    I mean, they can get up in front of an audience, speak well, motivate people into thinking they can perform better.

    Have you ever gone to a big church meeting and the minister or pastor is up front speaking...

    They all have a good talk, speak very clear and can motivate.

    Simply, if you can talk well in front of people, understand how to command particular types of words...

    I'm sure you can be like him.

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    off-topic here, but i wanted to say that you are one of the best
    guys on the forum IMHO. just in case you did not know ... :)

  7. Would you listen to some guy teach you about success when he has been a failure? Not me thanks.
    Reminds me of my brother, a teacher, never owned a business, never owned ANY stocks but teaches business in high school.
    The triumph of style over substance
  8. Trustme


    I don't know the guy but just in general it's remarkable and quite something to look up to when people take a couple of hits (illness, accidents, financial disasters etc.) in life and still manage to get up for the next round. I think you can learn a lot from other people's mistakes.

    My 2 cents. But as I said - I never read anything about this particular person before.