How do I backup my emails?

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    Hi guys, hope all are well.

    I need to change a pc before it dies. How do I backup my Outlook 2003 pls? I want to keep all the emails and contact.

    Where do I go?

  2. Find the folder, then drag and drop a copy to a flash drive. When you get your new rig, just copy it back in the same place. Same goes for your Contact folder

    I could tell you where the folders are in Outlook Express, but might be different for Outlook 2003.
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    Thanks for the reply. Can anyone tell me where I find the folders pls.

  4. Just in case they are in the same place...

    Contacts... Documents and Settings/[User name]/Application Data/Microsoft/Address Book.

    Emails... Documents and Settings/[user name]/Local Settings/Application Data/Identities/{10C7007A-xxxxxxxxx...}/Microsoft/Outlook 2003?
  5. I'm not sure copying the raw files will work... I would test it first. It used to work with outlook and outlook express but Outlook 2003 has some "security features" that can prevent that from going smoothly.

    For a sure thing, use Export under the file menu. Then in your fresh Outlook, import it back in.

    UNLESS, is this a work account, or are you connecting to an Exchange server, instead of POP? If so, then you don't need to do anything, your email is on the server. Connect with the fresh Outlook, and the first thing it will do is download all your mail, contacts and calendar again. Same with IMAP, but only for the messages, you'll still need to export-import your contacts and calendar.

    If you really want a perm backup, a cool way to do it is open a GMail account, turn on IMAP for it, addit as an account in your outlook, and just drag and drop your email folders onto it. That will copy all your current messages and attachments, it is pretty slick. I did that for my last two jobs and have that whole store (and the search is much, much faster than Outlook 2003.
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    search your computer for *.pst files. One of these will/should be outlook.pst. This file contains all your current emails and contact list. Copy this file to wherever. Also copy the archive.pst file as more than likely Outlook backed up some emails automatically.

    On new computer, copy file to hard drive. Open Outlook. Add data file location, indicate these files. Close Outlook. Then reopen Outlook. You now have access to these emails.

    As a precaution to anyone who uses Outlook and such, it is always a good idea to have that data file on a separate srive than the default location, which is usually the OS drive. We all know how reliable Windows is and how often we have had to reinstall the software, thus wiping out/making inaccessible data and saved files.
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    hehe easiest way for people who dont understand windows file structure

    load outlook

    click file

    import export

    export to a file

    PST file

    choose the main email folder that has everything in it (inbox, contacts, sent items etc etc)

    click include subfolders

    click OK on some boring steps

    browse to where you want to save the PST file

    and do it

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    Yeh, it can be a little easier. Just make sure to include all subdirectories when you export to the new file.
  9. this works well:
    e-Backup 1.42
    by Inachis
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    Where is this folder in Outlook Express?
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