How do i backup eSignal for drive format?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ER9, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. ER9


    i'm not having any luck figuring out the correct way to back up my chart or esignal files so that when i reformat my hard drive and re-install esignal from scratch i can get my charts restored back exactlly how i left them.

    esignal forums werent active so i'm hoping to get an answer here if i cant figure it out soon. i need to get this done in the next day or so......


  2. Just burn the folders that have all your charts, pages, layouts, quote boards, and all that to a CD or other media and then just put the folders back where they were after you are done reinstalling.

    That is what I have done, I have 2 hard drives, so I just moved the folders over to the other drive and then moved it back after I was done formatting.
  3. After formatting, reinstall Esignal from scratch to be sure that all the links work properly.
    After that you can put your backup over the original installation.

    Directly installing Esignal from your backup might cause problems as your backup will not change setting in Windows itself.
  4. ER9


    kk...much thanks. i will give that a try. thats what i figured but i wasn't sure if there was a better way.
  5. Josh009


    easiest way is to save your layout as a page. that will give you 2 files. Much easier to burn them, than trying to find all the folders/files.
    then reinstall and load the page.
  6. ER9


    much thanks by the way. i just copy and pasted the entire eSignal folder over the new install after it was up and running, opened up my charts and everything was exactlly as i left it.