How do I avoid market glitches in the future?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Here4money, Jan 2, 2019.

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    Asking for a friend
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    Can you ask the question in another way? Not sure what your question is.
  3. Handle123


    Like what, your data stopped or outside norm price, tick?
  4. tommcginnis


    Take 1/3rd of the positions you're in now, and put 'em on the other side.

    "Bingo." :D
  5. maxinger


    market glitch
    a sudden usually temporary malfunction or fault in server, computer, internet.
    simply stop trading for a while till glitch problem is fixed.

    when market went down significantly, it is not market glitch.
    It is downtrend.
    Do not avoid such market.
    simply press SELL button first then BUY button later.
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  6. by avoiding them in the present.
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  7. let me tell you about a glitch - working at a huge trading firm with every possible safe guard money can by no problems for over 2 decades. banks and banks of speed dial phones then the impossible happens phone system goes dead (Motorola Merlin system) and guess what - we all just realized those numbers we had been calling for decades - no one knew them them all.

    that's when we starting carrying laminated microfilm cards with all numbers conceivable that we would ever need.
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    likely referring to Trump comment earlier
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  9. Ayn Rand

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    Don't trade. You will be gliding along, think that, thinking, wow I must be almost a genius at least and then, you will get your ass handed to you. What to do?

    The truth each and every time is this. No matter what has happened in the past - small trade, small profit - many, many - times.
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  10. my dad said son figure out a way to make a dollar and do it a million times - there you have a million dollars.
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