How do I actually invest in an emerging market?

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    So...noob question I know, but it's something I've never done before.

    How do I actually invest in an emerging market?

    Like, say I want to invest in Afghanistan. Do I go look for an ETF? Is there like...a stock that's designated as "the Afghanistan emerging market stock"?
  2. When/if Afghanistan becomes available for foreigners to trade securities in, it'll be listed somewhere as a "Frontier" market as opposed to "emerging" market.
  3. most people start with :

    currency - find a good FX broker
    bonds - bloomberg or on the ground research
    individual equities - search through bloomberg for the larger ones
    ETFs -

    Obviously this is the line of least resistance and most liquidity.

    You may do on the ground research finding Companies to invest in that have low risk, etc... but it would likely be a private equity type thing at the beginning, maybe a loan with an equity kicker.

    I would leave most of this type of investing to people who can afford to chase down the losers so to speak... and those with a 5 year timeframe.

    A good fun book to read is Jim Roger's traveling/investing books.

    See Adventure Capitalist and Adventure Biker

    Also watch around the world in 80 trades....
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    Good info! Exactly the info I needed (but if anyone else has any advice, experience, info, I'd love to hear it!)
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    Pick up a mail-order bride from the country you are interested in. She will provide everything you need.

  7. If you meant "submerging markets" go to this japanese site


    George Soros invested $180 million in the Fund called EIFUKU. Several other bigwigs did likewise. They lost their investments within weeks. Not a single one of these clowns had the commonsense to pronounce the name of the Fund out loud.
  8. Call Peter Schiff.

  9. requesting baron to at least honor this brave newbie by starting a new forum called "Newbie burials" - expect his arrival within weeks.

    in the meantime, flirt with DEATH .....

    (1) Download from Yahoo Finance .... EEM, ESR, GUR,

    before you invest in a submerging market, study EEM first, then the other 2. Right now all are under the 200 day m.a.

    (2) From Yahoo Fin. do a symbol search for ETFs - country ETFs are EW+country symbol, for examle, EWJ = Japan.


    recommendation: let your wife or mother handle the money.

    goodluck. :)

  10. thanks to zdreg for informing me that the link doesn't work. I thought he was kidding, as I was - and maybe the joke's on me. No matter. :)

    The link is NOT supposed to work - if it did work, TraderZones would be all over it in a hearbeat. :)

    Here's the scoop on .... and the FUND called EIFUKU.

    Yes its a true story and George Soros and others did invest in it as mentioned above. The reason I asked you to pronounce the name EIFUKU is because, when said out loud, it is

    "I Fuck You" ...... dig?

    So, would you invest in something with a name like that? Soros did and got fucked real good.

    Why it stuck in my mind is because at right about that time I shitcanned my study of Fundamental Analysis - just threw the whole shabang out the fckin window. Never looked back and even more certain now that I never ever will. A total crock!!!!

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