how do get a track record?

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  1. How do I get a track record from my personal account? One that means something? I do not want to pay big money for it either.

    I am guessing showing your own accout means nothing and your word isn't worth the paper it is written on these days.

    Thank you
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    showing your account does mean something. but most people woud be more interested in your strategy, analysis, and thought process. are you just guessing or are you consistent in what/why you buy and sell?
  3. Your spoken claims of performance are virtually worthless.

    Your personal track record however is not. Keep monthly statements with no "gaps" so that your claims of performance can be audited. You will need to demonstrate ability to "handle the market" with controlled drawdowns.

    When you have done well enough and long enough, your track record will count.
  4. if it "ain't" audited by an independent 3rd party, it "ain't" worth shit
  5. 3rd party audit very helpful (and usually expensive), but not necessary.

    If someone is interested in your work, they will look into you and your record... whether you have 3rd party audit or not.
  6. ok thanks but the question wasn't whether I needed one or not but where can I get one at a good price?

  7. No. Check with a CPA. Big name firms will be the most expensive... ask local CPA what they'd charge. Don't be surprised if they tell you "$5,000 per year" or more.
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