How do C students get into Harvard Business School?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bungrider, Apr 9, 2004.

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    The same way Hillary turned 10K into 100K trading commodities with no ability except...

    ... wait for it ...

    They knew someone. :cool:

    So what else is new?
  3. d'ya think it's the same way today? (as opposed to the 60s?)

    i mean, i have friends who attended ivies for undergrad, and i heard stories about "the dumb swede down the hall whose daddy is such-and-such" but i'm wondering if it's the same way for b-schools, law schools, etc.?

    typically (from what i've heard from friends who went there, as i did NOT go to an ivy myself) it's pretty easy to coast thru an ivy (even these days) as an undergrad humanities major, but i'm curious if it's the same way for b-school? seems to me that b-school at harvard could be pretty cutthroat, even in the 60s...

    anyone know??
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    I think most elite schools have a variety of ways to admit students that don't meet their academic requirements.

    Athletic scholarships (though not in this case) are common.

    Bequests certainly open spaces.

    Alumni children often get preference, if not a complete pass.

    Affirmative action has often tipped the scales.

    I'd say the first three have always been prevalent, while the latter has grown in the last 40 years.
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    If you are white, you need to be a legacy or know someone. If you are not white, just fill out the form.

  6. i can't disagree with you there, (unless the applicant is asian) :D

    but i guess i'm wondering if the people who really shouldn't be there get mauled academically?
  7. Too funny and yet so true.

    When I was applying for college 4 years ago, I had two friends that both appling to Stanford and Berkley. One was Indian, had a 1600 SAT, 4.0GPA, valedvictorian, chess team, many awards from Academic Decathalon. Another was black, 3.2GPA, 1350 SAT, did track and also had many awards from Academic Decathalon. Our team actually went to Nationals our junior year when we were on the Aca-deca team. In anycase, my Indian friend gets rejected from BOTH schools, while other gets into both... Just not fair... Not saying either one wasn't smart enough to get in, but both should have... Both thier parents were well off, and so it wasn't a financial issue.
  8. B-school is easy. Law school is tough. Med school (though that one I don't know about first hand) is toughest of all.

    Thus, there's a clear inverse relationship between a grad school's level of difficulty and the degree's financial pay-off.
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    I think they do. I saw a piece a few weeks ago on one of the CA universities who has been hard at work "leveling the color of academia" and they were having a big problem with wide variances in abilities within the classroom. It is possible that Asians are being discriminated against worse than the whites from some of the numbers the report cited.
  10. First off, the Ivy League does not give out any athletic scholarships . . . And secondly, you might be surprised to learn that an elite school such as Stanford doesn't let any student/athlete admitted into their institution unless their SAT score is > 1200.

    Pretty much the same way at CAL.
    Otherwise, why admit someone that isn't going to be able to "cut-it" and won't be on the team for more than one season???
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