How do all the other "racists" like Herman Cain?

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  1. Although he's not my favorite GOP candidate, I like him. And unlike Obama, he actually seems at peace with the fact that he's black.
  2. Notice how in the GOP debate in SC, Mitt Romney didn't show up. I guess that would make sense, given that it was a GOP debate. :D
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    Yep you and people like you will be what puts Obama back. Romney is the ONLY chance you have of unseating Obama as of today, but I see the hard right has already begun to eat it's only champion.

    Good luck:D
  4. If Romney is the only other option, we might as well have Obama stay for another term. There is little difference in terms of actual policy, despite the rhetoric. If the choice is btwn Romney and Obama, I'd take Obama, that way, at least we can get some more of our AA quota out of the way. :D

    LOL! Just how is Romney a "champion" of the right? Also, what in any way qualifies me as "hard right"?

  5. Your posts do. You want to take liberty to the states rights level that would allow the south to do what it used to do. It ain't hard to see that. You are the hard right, and no one takes that seriously.
  6. I want to take state's rights to the CONSTITUTIONAL LEVEL.

    What do you think I want the south to do? Also, you didn't explain what makes me "hard right"? I don't see myself as "hard right" by any means. Since you're such a psychic and all, tell me what about my views are "hard right"? Unless of course you can't answer or something. What's wrong Mr. X? No answers?

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    To be fair, someone (I believe it was jem) noted today that the KKK is democrat. Perhaps Dodger is a democrat?
  8. No, I'm not a democrat. I also don't support the KKK, as they are Democrats and kook jew conspiracy theorists with a history of violence.

    Perhaps you could come up with some more credible slander attempts in the future, or at least say something funny...

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    I was only trying to defend you against the "hard right" accusation.
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    :D that was pretty funny.
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