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  1. How did you learn to trade stock?

    Did you just go out and do it? I've got a bunch of books lined up by Lynch, Cramer, Kiyosaki, etc. I'd like to learn as much as I can before I make the dive into this world. Any tips are appreciated.
  2. Lots of screen time. That will teach you more about yourself than any book will. I'm not saying that books are worthless (I've read plenty), but there is no shortcut or substitute for actually doing.

    You need to get your hands dirty at some point - so jump in with a little capital and keep good notes.
  3. Seriously, it will more than likely (~90% chance) take you a minimum of 1-2 years of watching the market EVERYDAY before you will even be able to breakeven. This is also assuming you don't blow up all your capital before then.

    Take it slow, lessons need to be learned but they also shouldn't cost you a lot of $$$. Also books are overated when it comes to actually learning how to trade, they are good resources but the best teacher is the market itself.
  4. I didn't read any of that psycho crap. I was already self-motivated, and an analytical bastard at that. I attended an Investools seminar on stocks and options. That got my feet wet into investing. Futures came later, and I have no education for that, just screen time developing my own systems. I no longer touch stocks or options. I like to make my money fast.
  5. Well i follow a certain sector and and trade the stock in the smae sector everyday.
    That helps me focus a lot on the stock when the market is weak which stock in stronger and when the market is strong which stock is weak in te sector i am looking at anf you will defitinily be able to make decent money.
    A mentor had taught me that
    when i had 1st started i was trading just anytihng what i feklt like even after that i was doign good but overconfident caught up to me and i lost %20 of my acount right there :(
  6. I've been watching Wall Street Warriors, a HDTV show on the Mojo network. Is it true that this guy Tim Sykes turned $13k into millions in a few years as a teenager?

    It couldn't have been dumb luck. Who taught him or did he just use his own logic on why to buy and sell?
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  10. He's a "has been", don't even bother

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