How did you get into trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BricksandMortar, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. How did you get into trading and why?
  2. bonderme


    By accident:) :)
  3. maxpi


    Retirement looks very bleak
  4. Looked like a challenge :)
  5. i saw the potential that trading had to offer, and decided to dedicate myself to being as good as I could be once i realized how much i loved trading. i went online and looked for trading firms. i found one, interviewed, got the job, studied and took my series 7 and 55 and then moved up to NYC and started. its been 2 years now, i am making 6 figures and looking to keep pushing the limits of my potential. I am still light years away from where i want to be but am happy with my progress so far.
  6. Trying new industries to go broke in. :D
  7. Steve Tvardek <-- success story! :)

    Good job, Steve!

  8. I really, really got tired of supplying money to only SBC, PGE, ATT, MCI, Uncle Sam, Comcast, Triple A, et al, ad nauseam...

    Now i freely give it away to anonymous strangers at various times throughout the day... who i think use it to feed their families, start college funds, pay off debts, donate to charities, go on vacation or throw great parties...

    i feel a lot better now...

    :eek: . :p

  9. Great i am 22yrs old trying to put myself through college and no parents want to through some my way?
  10. Thanks, but I am by no means a success yet. just an average guy trying to make his way to the top :D

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