How Did You Do In 2008 Relative to Past Years?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ByLoSellHi, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. Now that tax day is upon us, how did everyone do?
  2. 07 and 08 were my best 2 years in close to 30 years of trading.

    I nailed the market collapse.
  3. Rimping


    Same for me. 08 best year since I started trading in 1986
    Last year I was up 237% with my whole capital.
  4. Stosh


    Lost my ass on C, DCR, ES, etc. after a good start in the Spring.
    Recouping some this year, so can probably last a while longer....hopefully long enough to learn how to trade. Stosh
  5. Same here 08 best year for me, first couple of months of 2009 sucked for me (because of making really stupid mistakes) but beginning last month I am back to making nice profits mostly.
  6. Wow. Amazing traders here, because '08 was a tragic year, yet y'all made it one of your best, if not the best, year ever.

  7. Surdo


    My 401K is now my 201K, my IRA rolled over, and I am able right off $3,000 of my losses.

    Life is great, good thing I married for love not money!