How did you do for 2011?

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  1. 2.6% Yay! I bet the S&P!

    Why, you may ask, did I do so bad this year when I made 42% and 187% the previous years?

    Lets put it this way....when you find what you think is a sure thing, dont go all in on that trade. A stock I bought right before earnings came in 1 cent below estimates and the stock tanked 25% that day(which is really 50% when you use margin)

    Talk about the biggest overreaction of a stock ever. That was the first time in years that I ever went all in on one stock and it bit me in the ass. Will remember this experience for a long time to come and never do that again.
  2. I did alright...HeHe because I traded less...

    2012 might be my banner year though...(I won't trade at all...HeHe)

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    About a 55% return for the year. A really wild ride though. Hit my low in June when I had a total drawdown of about 50% after some very bad/revenge trading in Copper futures. I was adamant that copper was going down hard and started shorting in May. Initial success got me more confident and I added to the position only to see it rocket up in June. Broke all my own rules and ended up with huge losses. Got my head together thankfully after that and the last few months have been very productive. Even though I consider myself an "experienced" trader, it still amazes me with the amount of amateurish mistakes I make.
  4. I lost about 2.5 %.
  5. Percent? I don't know. It was my first ever year trading, and I lost about $1500.
  6. +28.44% net (+42.87% gross) but overall stats aren't great

    Trading ES only live since August.
    359 round trips
    High watermark was +68% after a great 3-week streak from mid-Oct.

    So, currently in a 39% drawdown during the less volatile times since then.

    I'm working to trade less when things aren't moving and become more consistent hanging on to gains.
  7. 302% returns of full trading capital.

    Don't expect to slow down either.

    Crazy A
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    % return is pretty irrelevant without knowing account size.
  9. also if you trade prop going by returns in a % is kind of pointless. $50k in an account and I have million + BP, for prop guys annual PnL is the only way
  10. Realized gain of about 4K on a 70K account. Nothing to live off but it's better than a CD or savings account right now.

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