How did you decide on your trading strategy or method of trading?

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    I think you know once you stop losing money. Emotions never worked well for me, although I hear success stories about "artists of trading" all the time. I always lost money trying to find and trade patterns on the stock market. I'm from an Assets & Liabilities Management background. Statistics & rigorous risk management are the only thing that work for me.
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    Well the name checks out then! ;) Thx for chiming in.
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    How do you know it is not his/her own words?
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    I've read enough of her own posts to know at a glance when something's just pasted in - and that nice Mr Google obliges in a second, when you check out a sentence from it. [​IMG]
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  5. Whether he is calm or relaxed is left to interpretation.Anonymous is looking at his notes.It doesn't make any sense to give knowledge away.Not one bit of it.
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    Now I know why you are a good trader!:thumbsup:

    Best wishes.
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    Just like in the game of poker, anonymous already gave it away.

    Thank you for the coaching.
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  8. Coaching,teaching,I would never do that.You can't teach this kind of thing.
    I say nothing beside suggestion to get creative.
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    That in itself is coaching. You are telling us not to follow the herd, create our own trading path.:D
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  10. The solution is simple: you use what works.
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