How did TUMS get to be a moderator?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by TraderZones, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. <b>Seriously?</b>

    His main occupation is now cut and pasting the following into each newbie's thread.

    You can take a look and see how other people do it...

    Spydertrader's Jack Hershey Equities Journal</i>

    Isn't it hard enough for new traders without having to traverse the tarpit that is Hersheyism?
  2. Joe


    So your question is, why is he directing all JH traffic to one single thread? He has the power to delete threads if he wishes. Thus I would say that he's just trying to help new members that were lazy and did not use the search when asking their question. Not really a big deal. If you have a problem with Tums just put him on ignore.

  3. Tums is a devoted disciple.

    There are 2 kinds of JH people here:

    -- Those who are infatuated with Jack and have not learned that he is a major BS artist, dragging a lot of newbies into the mud and causing a lot of damage.

    -- Those who see through Jack, such as his avoidance of being tracked and weaving complex networks of BS, and are amazed he has such free rein.

    After all, how many times has Jack promised "this is it, I am leaving EliteTrader for the sake of Baron"???

    That is part of the reason I asked, how did Tums get to be a moderator???
  4. Did you miss the Skype meeting on this???
  5. now, when do you plan to offer the audited returns to show ANY value to your stuff, Jack...
  6. when are YOU gonna to provide PROOF that there is no value in TA and it couldn't possibly work for anyone??

  7. The people using it through transference or those who just adopt parts of it to add to their methods have determined that this would be redundant.

    From what I hear, some people require audited statements as part of their DD; as far as I know the classes of these people include:

    a. investors,

    b. people who provide financing to us (those to who we would be in debt):

    c. people to whom we vend, and

    d. The government if they request information (usually not on an audited level).

    We do not have investors; we are not incurring debt; we do not vend; and we do complete NFA based forms periodically and we are monitored by the SEC and it is through the normal channels as indirect monitoring.

    I use GAAP methods (it is subcontracted) on C corp and as an individual.

    The value of IP and TS has been determined. All doumentation is handled under the TS redacting rules to the full extent of regulatory practices.

    For all others, the prudent path that your support team including accountants and lawyers may consider is to do a valuation at 0 value since you have nothing of IP nor TS which is substantive.

    Ordinarily, when we contact others who are using our imprimatur, they cease such activity immedately.

    Off Topic.

    We have critics. This is basically self policing as would be expected. Anyone who abides by their critical views has the consequences.

    If a critic has used what we provide via transference, then the critic is making a positive contribution to those he relates to. Some of these examples run at a rate of up to 2 million hits a year in the ET forum.

    If a critic has not done transference and has used common alternatives, then the quality of the criticism is intimately linked to approach of the critic. Here the consequences do not overlap the transference alternative. One of the most common critical approaches comes from trying to learn and/or being impaired by the consequences of past experience in differentiation. The rate of failure was about 4 out of 5 under these circumstances; now it seems to be less.

    Failing to practice or failing to learn or failing to understand is not abnormal for the average person. A lot of people do DD based on their life experiences. The spectrum is amazing, thankfully.

    In summary, I feel the questions you have and haven't ask are sufficient for you to deny yourself the opportunity to begin to approach learning what we have put out there for anyone. I also feel that your regard for others approaching the opportunity may be anything you chose it to be; it is backed by who you are and how you comport yourself.

    Thank you for your question.
  8. This wasn't "JH traffic." It had nothing to do with Hershey... it was a thread started by a 19 year old college sophomore who'd blown out his account.

    If I were an impressionable 19 year old in that situation, I'd take Tum's direction as ET endorsement.
  9. I don't fall into either of those categories. I fall into the "I could care less about the whole subject" category. I've moved and deleted threads both pro and against, and will do so in the future if they become nothing but flame fests.
  10. Very good idea for your convenience.

    Anyone who does not care about the subject would do the same.

    I, unlike you and the position you state, care about the subject and so do other contributors to threads where the OP is in the mode of inquiry.

    How do these OP's who start threads feel about the inquiry they introduce? They probably want to hear both sides of the discussion. Is there anything they do not care about or care not to have going on?

    I think the OP's at inquiry and contributors to both sides of the discussion care about having an orderly proceedings. A moderated proceedings. Would you care to comment on the role of a moderator in this regard?

    What might be the connectedness of the site rules and excellent moderation? Who do you hold up as a competent model of moderating in lieu of person who yields to the strategies of flamers who want to wreck the discussions of people who care? When you play to these flamers hands as you do, do you realize you destroy a lot of content produced by people who are asking questions and people who are support the inquiry with answers?

    Et has suffered some deterioration as a consequence of participation by people who do not contribute in any sense of the word "contribute". After 20 or 30 bannings, do you feel a limit has ben reached in unruliness? If not, when you you think you will be able to make such a determination?

    I addressed one of the constant detractor's question in this thread when I was finally given the opportunity. The modus of some people who repeatedly request and whine about their personal needs is getting quite "old". I know how the ignore works; Joe explained it.

    There are a lot of ways ET can be improved. Retention of people who make no contributions is not one of them.

    Two good rules of participation are: to listen to others and only give advice when it is asked for. I'd like to listen to the asnwers you may wish to contribute.
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