how did Szeven go from making 0/day to 5k/day in just 3 years?

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  1. i remember this guy when he was just trying to make 20-40 day just to make the cut for the swift trading program

    3 years later he's making over 5k a day

    the guy's consistency was remarkable

    what type of strategy was he using? i ask because usually very high consistency strategies usually always produce huge losses eventually (like put selling).....but this guy never had any huge losses.........i remember mbagearhead made like 400k without any losing days for like 4 months straight then he blew a good chunk of it on just a few how did szeven do it?
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    a little secret called SCT
  3. no definately not that......swift doesn't teach sct........but szeven hit the ground running..........profitably from day 1........almost 0 learning curve.........he never had the kind of drawdown most traders go thru initially.......and its all documented in the trader p/l thread.
  4. why dont you ask HIM :)

  5. most traders are very guarded about their strategy so i never ask a trader how he makes his money

    but i'm sure someone on here knows.......he traded with a lot of guys from et......the swift crowd
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    Simple, he's got talent, discipline and a knack for smelling out true edges, and all this at a young age......god help us when he gets older, I just hope he leaves us some scraps.
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  8. haha people are funny.

    How I went from 0-2k a day at swift was simple. I was lucky enough to start at branch that stole mnx's strategy for millenium ATS arbitrage. I fagged out pennies for about 6 months like a complete monkey. When it started to die i had to quit.

    After that, i scalped EWZ 1k shares at a time. It was easy to buy ECN's size up on NYSE a few levels down, and exploit the spread and flip out. Rinse repeat for 40 bucks 50 times a day.

    How do i do it now? I have no idea... buy and hope it goes up, sell and hope it goes down. When in doubt, get out. Then once a week dont get out and lose your last 4 days of profit. Great stategy eh!
  9. you gotta give the kid credit for building his ATM

  10. I can't tell if he's being serious or sarcastic :confused:
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