How did Paris Hilton avoid jail again

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  1. She has avoided jail again. She should have got four years.
  2. That's hot.
  3. BSAM



    Naw...Justice in America isn't administered that it?
  4. Theres a seperate legal system for people who make over $250,00. a year.
  5. A harmless drug user caught with a mere 0.8 grams of coke 'deserves' four years in prison??? Actually, she deserves an apology for being senselessly arrested in the first place- we all do.

  6. ????????????????? four years, really, four years. Are you high man??
  7. She has a lot of influence on young girls they will imitate the behaviour and could get addicted. Think about the effect the drug has on the poor people that are forced to farm it. They are treated terribly. There is more to this than the personal use.
  8. Look up what the penalty is for being caught with that same amount of crack.
  9. celebrities don't go to jail!
  10. she should definitely serve some time for being a total idiot:

    after police say a small plastic bag containing 0.8 grams of cocaine fell out of her Chanel purse as she reached for a lipstick
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