How did October Treat You?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by James Reeves, Oct 30, 2008.

How did October treat you?

  1. more than +20%

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  2. more than +5%

    6 vote(s)
  3. relatively even

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  4. more than -5%

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  5. more than -20%

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  1. How did October treat you?
  2. this month has been hard for me. i have had some nice winning days (well above avg), but have had some big down days as well, which is not something I am used to. I think there is a lot of money out there to be made, but it becomes really hard if one loses discipline.
  3. The month aint over yet.

    The last day of the month might be a big trend day.. 10% up or down. Or even better, market gaps up or down 10% and closes down or up 10% at the other extreme... So perhaps we get a nice 20% high to low trend day... Chances are slim, but the last and first days of the month often have big moves...
  4. I hear ya. It's been a tough few months. Barring a complete atomic bomb tomorrow I pretty much broke even for October, but I am still recovering from a 25% loss in September thanks to financials and commodities.
  5. We may get a 20% rally on Friday and recover all the losses

    This month has been pretty bad (the first week mainly)
  6. october has been insanely awesome, i broke all records
  7. so, why did you put down >+20%?

  8. He so eager for the market to go up to break even that he can't keep his story straight.
  9. very good month for me. mean-reversion worked wonders, but i crapped my pants twice per week. i am willing to crap my pants everyday to keep this market going, but i think the party will soon be over.

    i am really curious how well the trend following (is it the same thing as momentum strategy?) worked this month.

    does anybody have ideas whether both approaches (momentum and mean-reversion) usually co-exist peacefully on a given day, week, month? or does one typically dominate the other?
  10. Man, you are a nutcase. What the hell are you smoking. Its obvious to me you are desperate. A 20% market move in one day is absurd. What a clown you are.

    QID swinging got me over 45% this month in portfolio. The rest in ES short (covered last Friday) and stocks (covered last Friday as well). October has been a very good month for me.

    I'm slightly up on a bad entry on 940 ES long last week but up nicely on 830 ES long add. All my stocks I swung long into on Monday/Tuesday rocketed up as well.
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