How did JW Henry make approx. 10 % in August ?

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    I wonder how, after a pretty bad year so far in 2006, JW Henry managed to make more than 10 % in August. I did not see huge trends anywhere to justify such a return. Unless they never decreased trading size when they lost and they are heavily overweight in bonds which went up in August.

    I am so surprised because my trend following systems did not make at all in August and the managed futures index that you see here:

    has also not made in August - it actually went down from 1095 to 1080.

    How did JW Henry outperform the managed futures index in such a big way ? Have they changed their way of trading ?
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    JWH is short energy and long metals and currencies

    JWH is going to make a killing... he he he

    $ and energy in steep decline, cracking sound....

    All those heavily weighted in energy eg. GSCI, Rogers Fund and Funnymentals/Anals are going to be taken to the cleaners, big time

    Stay clear, I see NASDAQ 00/01/02 in the making !!!

  3. too bad the majority of his funds YTD are in the negative

    I only made 2.9x% in August :(

    But YTD I'm up to 31.4x%.....goooooooooo january run-up (January was hilarious, like 14% in the commodities we trade).