How did Harold Ford Jr. lose?

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  1. I can't believe Corker won, he ran one ofthe most sleaziest racist campaigns in the history against Harold Ford. Is it just me or does this prove that the South will never vote for a Black man in Politics to Washington?

    I am surprised as well that Corker was allowed to take so many cheap shots at Ford, man all I can say is to all the Tenneseans who voted against Harold, you voted against a person who would have made a difference in Washington.
  2. The same reason that Republican Steele lost. There's still a percentage of the population that will say they will vote for a black candidate, but pull the other switch in the booth. That's why I put money on Corker. The polls for white vs. black are always skewed upwards for the black candidate.
  3. Because despite what people will say publicly, privately, race still matters.
  4. Agreed.

    Nevertheless, Ford ran a great campaign, and made it a race. He's young, and he'll be back.
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    I think the problem was that he said on the Maher show: I like ladies. With all these closet gay Reps that is a big no-no...
  6. Why does it have to be about race or disenfranchised voters or irregularities everytime a democrat loses?
  7. I think it cost that clown that got up in Clinton's face during her first debate and it cost Gore the election when he got up in Bushe's face in their first debate.

    Then Ford crashes his opponents news conference and confronts him. It was a stupid thing to do and I think it cost Ford the election. On the other hand, he still got a lot of votes so I don't think race was the main issue.
  8. It was a damn shame. He was one of a very few people you could have voted for without feeling the need to take a shower afterwards. He was beat by fear mongering racists, and while that number of people is shrinking, there are enough to turn an election that was so close.
  9. Gore lost TN by 10 points in 2000. Ford Jr. lost by 3. That's a big improvement. Change comes slowly.

    I think Corker is much better than Bush.
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    Tennessee has a history of electing someone that is more at home with the people.
    Corker has been a Mayor of a TN city, has had business in the state and a payroll from these business that go to the local economy.
    Ford on the other hand has been a career politician. And has come from a family of politicians.

    My 2cent....
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