How did everyone do today?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Kon@regal, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. what is the overall view of the market for most traders?
  2. I didn't make anything today. P/L: $0 :(

  3. funky


    $1.04 on SPY
  4. Made great money on shorting the bonds when the S&P's caught a bid after the opening.

    Scalped the S&P.

  5. T-REX


    Held NQ shorts going into day 3.
    Scalped the YM today 5 trades 5 wins.

    Could have done alot more but I had to go to the doctors.
    I'm starting to feel better.:)
  6. an absolutely freaking great day :D
  7. pspr


    Up 5 ES pts/cont. this morning but slapped around this afternoon and gave it back. P/L = $0

    Funky needs to post more on trading the pivots.

    i.e. when to go counter trend at the pivot and when to go with a pivot break.

  8. First time in a while where I traded without "tape reading" the bid/ask/fills on the NQ/ES, watching only the charts -- definitely helped me stay put longer on the profitable trades.
  9. mauzj


    I made $10. I feel like a real winner!
  10. Lost like 1k. Caught the bottom well and reversed long for big money got short too soon in the afternoon, got chopped to pieces.

    In long term stuff, my puts only gained 20c or so, even with the smh down like 60c. I thought vols would go up faster, especially with Japan.
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