How did Anek make a 100 grand today?

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    Anybody have any clue as to how many contracts he trades at a time?

    I think he pyramids into winners..

    Looks like he only made 9 trades.

    Any info would be cool to see how he dose it, executions would be even cooler.

    BTW, I really do believe the results, I would love to know where the trades where placed today and why..
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  2. bespoke


    sell every pull back. today was a perfect day for that
  3. yeah, i know thats the basics of his style but this is very vague and not very educational.
  4. Plus size does matter :D
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  5. I'm roughly guessing 40 to 50 lots by the amount of commissions. It could be more if he gets volume discounts.
  6. Anyone's guess how many he trades, could easily have scaled in over 100 contracts.

    Scaling in properly, works - especially on a trend day.

    Good for him!!!!!!!!

  7. He bent your girlfriend over and emptied her account.
  8. Anek shorted very early into the day then just started peeling contracts offs starting at the 65 area.

    His contract size never got above 50.

  9. The first thing you need to do is get an account with $2,263,800, assuming that 4.71% indicates his return for the day. The more money you have the easier trading gets and the more money you have the harder trading becomes. Anek knows what I mean. Nice trading Anek!

  10. Fifty contracts = $2,500 per index point(handle)
    One hundred contracts = $5,000 per point

    Just a matter of catching the runs... today was a bleeder short with three distinct breaks. Yesterday was actually much easier to catch bigger swings, especially the afternoon squeeze. Most days are possible to make $25k to $50k trading ES in size, the great days can be ten times that with same contract size.
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