How did Adam and Eve's kids have kids?

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  1. How did Adam and Eve's kids have kids (without incest or/and inconsistencies in the books)?

    Christians, Muslims and Jews: tell us what your books/scriptures say.
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    According to mainstream Christianity, Adam and Eve were no real people. According to Creationism, they were real people and bred by incest.
  3. God created Adam and said, "I have given you everything you could ever want. Is there anything else you would like?"

    Adam replied, "I would like a sandwich," to which God created Eve.
  4. The written law condemning incest didnt come until after the flood.
  5. Incest is the reason liberals created abortion.
  6. Laws from a true god transcend time, and do not need amendments.

    What you wrote is rather indicative that the book containing the written law may rather be from a human mortal who farts, and did not even realize that time would reveal the contradictions in the work --- which is a normal thing for any work made by humans.

    Contradiction in divine laws would make the day of judgement a day of misjudgement --- which is an impossibility for a true god.

    Conclusion: If what wrote is accurate, I would not convert to your religion because it contains nonsense, and contradictions.
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    A decent god should be an absolute, moral authority. A god that changes his own moral laws on occasion is not very impressive.
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    Hence the saying "For God's sake, make up your mind, woman":eek: