How did 2008's Barron's roundtable do?

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  1. Scott Black -42.26%
    Abby Joseph Cohen -18.88%
    Marc Faber -38.98%
    Mario Gabell -35.85%
    Bill Gross -33.42%
    Fred Hickey 22.25%
    Archie MacAllaster -62.47%
    Art Samberg -63.07%
    Oscar Schafer -12.7%
    Meryl Witmer -33.6%
    Felix Zulauf -17.58%
    Jim Cramer -97%
  2. I would suggest posting the source with the link.
  3. "AIG, LEH, FRE and FNM accounted for 75% of Jim Cramer's portfolio. And for diversification, Cramer invested the last 25% with Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities."
  4. "Jim Cramer listed his top predictions for 2008 this week.

    Goldman Sachs (GS) makes more money than every other brokerage firm in New York combined and finishes the year at $300 a share. rite), then sit back and make money.

    Google stock reaches $1,000. The company becomes one of the top three companies in the U.S. in market capitalization... and succesfully challenges Microsoft (MSFT) for operating-system dominance.

    With the dollar weak, Cramer foresees European companies swooping in to buy up the likes of Merrill Lynch (MER), JPMorgan (JPM), Lehman Brothers (LEH), Bear Stearns (BSC), Colgate (CL), Clorox (CLX), Whirlpool (WHR), and Black & Decker (BDK), which, he forecasts, will all see their stocks rise as a result.

    Apple (AAPL), he predicts, will reach $300. He sees it successfully taking over the music business, and, among other knock-on effects, he forewarns that Warner Music Group (WMG) will file for bankruptcy.

    Turning to the media, Cramer posits that the cash-strapped New York Times (NYT) will accept a buy-out offer from Mayor Michael Bloomberg at $20 a share.
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    One thing that 2008 taught us is that even the 'smartest' people, don't know $hit!
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    the link above doesnt show this quote..can u give a link to the page with the results and this quote?
  7. I really think the Cramer guy is fuckin nuts. Looses 97% (a monkey can do better). GS at 300.00 in a recession? JPM being acquired. What is he smoking? I want some of that!
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    I doubt it was 97% like to see the source ...the link provided doesnt show anything from the list of losers.
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