how demented are those who actually trade futures based on EU on pre open

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  1. People who actually trade according to Dax on minute to minute basis are just crazy.

    Or perhaps it’s the Europeans who trade our futures at night, am I getting this wrong perhaps.

    on a side topic, I am going to place a interesting trade

    I am day trader only, BUT, watching all this Iran s**t brewing

    I am going to bet a small piece of my portfolio that Israeli jews are not going to stand by and watch Iran make a nuke

    I will place a trade soon on oil, for long term,

    I think its actually pretty safe bet

    what do you distinguished ET members think

    PS: don't you dare front run me, don't you dare :p
  2. What time slot in the U.S. pre-open (overnight trading session) are you talking about?

    Your answer will tell me if you got it right or wrong.

  3. I am talking about minute to minute charts

    dax up, NQ up, next minute Dax down, seconds later NQ down

    see what I mean

    to me that is just so mad, who are these bots or people making such ridiculous trades

    by the way I won't hide the fact that scalpers are idiots IMO.

    they work hard, and I outperform them by not working hard so go figure :eek:
  4. one time I entered swift trade to

    and the main guy goes, well with us you need to scalp only

    I said.

    "you guys are a joke"

    and I left
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    there is a euro dow index that trades against the es ,professionals traders in large firms trade that sprd
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    DTI (no longer recomm by me) teach this for years and nobody said they are crazy.