How dangerous is Windex?

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    OK a little background...I walk into a kitchen to see someone's 2-year-old, unsupervised, "playing" with a bottle of window cleaner (spraying the fridge, playing like she's cleaning it). I ask the mother if she knows about it and she says "oh yeah, I let her play with it". By the time I get to the baby, she's rubbing her eyes; I can only assume she has some chemicals on her hands. Then the mother takes the baby away (I don't believe she washed the baby's hands) and proceeded to have the baby eat (with her fingers, of course.)

    Of course, the warnings on the bottle say "keep out of reach of children" and "wash eyes thoroughly if they come in contact with the medical attention if irritation persists..."

    I don't have a very confrontive personality, but I think I gotta draw the line on this one. Does anyone out there have any kind of background where you would know exactly how dangerous it is to let babies play with cleaning chemicals?
  2. Windex contains butyl cellosolve, which quickly penetrates exposed skin and can damage the nervous system (allegedly).
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    I looked all over the web. I'm getting all kinds of conflicting information.
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    Toonces......I dont know the danger.
    This is what I would have done. I would have taken the windex from the child and sprayed the mother right on the face until 2 things happen 1) the bottle empties 2) the mother takes the bottle from me. Then i would ask her if it hurts or burns her eyes?? then you will have some kind of an answer......:D
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    Wow Thanks ElCubano! I tried your suggestion, and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! :)
  7. Using the danger scale, it is probably somewhere between taking a shot of isopropyl alcohol and using a can of Raid as a mouth freshener.

    I don't think any kid should be messing with chemicals, especially considering the fact that their body is still growing rapidly. An adult can get away with exposure levels that would really mess up a kid.

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    What do you mean? Haven't you seen "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? The old man sprays windex on every ailment.
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