How Could Anyone be Both Christian & Republican?

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  1. The lowest poverty rates in the world are in Social Democracies. Before Reagan doubled the tax rates in 1982 for anyone making less than $70,000, the USA was in the top five in fighting poverty. Today we are one of the worst.

    How do Christians justify being republicans?

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  2. Atheists? Believers? Non-believers? ...?

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    what the heck are you talking about.

    doubled the tax rates in 1982 under 70 k causing poverty?
    how could that be...

    the bottom 45% of our country doesn't even pay US income taxes and it been that way for years. Additionally that tax increase got its revenue from chaging the way you write off equipment.

    Specifically, it rolled back some but not all of the 1981 tax cut for writing off equipment, and it repealed 1981 "safe harbor" leasing provisions, said Stephen J. Entin, senior fellow at the Tax Foundation and former deputy assistant secretary for economic policy in the Reagan administration.

    the real reason the poverty rate is high is because of leftist immigration expansion and inflation state income taxes and sales taxes and every other tax. We have the highest levels of immigrants in our population in the history of the graph I saw... at least 100 years.

    We have about 40 million immigrants 50% or more whom receive govt assistance.
    We have another 20 million anchor babies.

    that is 60 million new people many of whom on the the lower end of the income scale.... holding down the wages of the native born population.

    and 60% of Californian's don't even pay state income tax.

    Currently US poverty is mostly a leftist creation.
    not fricken Ronald Reagans.

    this leftist tripe is unbearable.
    how could people spend so little time examining the left's montras before spouting it.
    Even educated lefties exhibit shit for critical thinking skills.
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  4. QUOTE="OddTrader, post: 4498042, member: 16208"]Income Growth

    Over previous 34 yearst (1980 vs 2014)


    <-----------------Higher Income ---------- Income PERCENTILE ------------ Lower Income---------------->

    Note: Inflation-adjusted annual average growth using post-tax income.

  5. piezoe


    can you support this? At some point, was it in tax year 1987?, Reagan's administration, with help from the Congress did raise the rate of the lowest bracket... But doubling the rates in 1982 for anyone making less than 70K ???

    There was an 1981 (or '82) bill, and a 1986 Bill, and maybe some others. And I admit I get these confused. What Reagan did for sure, at one point, is wring most of the progressiveness out of the tax brackets. And it has never completely returned. It was the start of accelerated growth in wealth disparity. The data is pretty clear on that.
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  6. maxpi


    The Bible refers to queers as "dogs" [pretty funny when I think about that] and says anybody that even condones their lifestyle has no place in heaven... Can't see how Democrats can be Christians but that's their problem, not mine
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    Man, that's harsh ;)
  8. Your problem would be that you remain ignorant about this despite every chance to educate yourself. You might want to check what year the Bible was written.
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    ' So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him'
    Genesis 1:27
  10. Christians are supposed to behave like Jesus. Right or wrong?

    How many did Jesus kill? !

    Or how many did Jesus authorise others to kill? !

    I am just wondering.
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