how come we no longer have all those alerts (orange green etc..)

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  1. We used to get them all the time on TV then somewhere around 2004-2005 it stopped and disappeared completely. Why is that?

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    We have no alerts because the administration has deemed terrorist acts to be "man made disasters" and has decided that it is not necessary to inform public regarding any perceived threats.

    They don't want people avoiding busses, trains and aircraft. They believe they are sparing the country alot of false alarms and tension. Besides, the alert system was invented by the Bush adminstration so it can't be good, right?
  3. But the Alerts stopped around 2004. Bush still had 4 more years left. So why did they stop it?

    By 2008 it has been 4 years without the alerts.

    They used to be on TV every day. Even Fox does not put them up.
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    Because we have elected our first black president and that now makes us color blind.

    Besides, they were just used to scare the sheep into voting a certain way. :D
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    When they're always on elevated or high they kind of lose their meaning. I think that's what did them in.
  6. The whole point of "war on terror" is to give a blank check for an imperialistic campaign worldvide (i.e modern day crusades).

    With Iraq war accomplished there was no more reason to play with the alert system
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    It was a gimmick and it got old.
  8. +100000
  9. Current administration is planning on activating a system called colnelrad
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    Yes, they've adopted some other new technologies as well. Traditonally an aid has carried the "nuclear football" with which the president can initiate a nuclear response to a perceived attack. The clever guys in the Obama adminstration have actually integrated the device into the president's golf bag. "This way it will be very near him most of the time" explained one of the WH staffers.

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