How come W did not save the world from Kim?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by loza, Jun 10, 2009.

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    He attacked Iraq and Afghanistan after all? Why not the evil North Koreans?
    They do not have democracy and freedom! Why leave them out? Now they have two of our girls. Deplorable!
  2. This is Al Gores fault.
    His company sent those girls over there with no protection. Their cameraman got away because he outran the women.
    Typical Liberal pussies.
  3. So now the dems are blaming Bush because he didn't attack North Korea.
    Simply amazing.
  4. N Korea is a big fan of John Wayne, nobody messes with "The Duke".
  5. Bush's evidence indisputably shows that Saddam was behind 9/11, and not Kim Jong Il. Further, Saddam was a ruthless dictator, unlike Kuddly Kim. And finally, North Korea was "misunderestimated" as a member of the Axis of Evil when, in fact, it is a member in good standing of the Axis of Elvis, not to mention the Axis of Elves (didn't you notice the poofy hairstyle and platform shoes?).
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    we know that n. korea and iran has WMD why didn't bush stop them, we knew this before the iraq war, wans't the iraq war about WMD, if thats the case we should of went to war with n. korea and iran. we was chicken shit, we knew iraq coudn't put up a fight.
  7. Bingo. Of course, it turned out to be far messier than the Bush administration's dark overlords had anticipated.