How come unemployment rate is at 9.6%?

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    while we constantly lose 400K+ plus jobs every month. In good months we only lose 10,000 less than 400K+
  2. Government fudges the numbers so that we sheeple don't freak. The U6 number is what, 18%?
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    We're in the double digits. The government... Lol, but not lol.:(
  4. when Obama came into office, the first thing he did was chop off 600k because "they have been unemployed for too long."

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    It also seems that those who lose their hope in finding a job are not considered as unemployed anymore !!. There is an 8 month buffer for unemployment data. You are unemployed over 8 months, you are not included in data.
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  7. If 50% of the people in this country become unemployed and the unemployment rate is 50%, then after 8 months, all of these people are not counted, so then the unemployment rate will be 0%? If that is the case, it will look like the economy is doing great, but in reality, it's not.
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    That's why people look at the absolute number of employed people too...
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    3rd world governments survive by fudging statistics. the US is a 2nd world country sliding slowing into becoming a 3rd world country in spite of cheer leading by certain clueless posters on ET.

    Obama lied about making government more transparent.
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