How come there's no capitulation?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by capmac, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. And that sounds like yourself. You crap on my thread and when the trade goes in the right direction and I close the position with a gain, you all of a sudden shut up. I give supporting criteria and just because you disagree with it, you continue to trash my thread.

    Whether you realize it or not, your bashing deteriorates discussion also. Your just as much to blame for the crap that shows up here on EliteTrader so don't go kissing a moderators ass just because you got a pivot point right.

    We've seen blown calls on your end too, yet people like myself don't say nothing about it. The smart one's just fade you 7 times of 10. :D :D :D
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  2. it will be like this for a long time..

    what happened to all those people calling for a range in the indexes for the next 5 yrs... lol. all went hiding. this is exactly why we will range.
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  3. "we"?? "us"?? have you upped your daily lithium dose?

    maybe the moderators feel no need to respond to a real chicken, who has done zero to contribute to these boards other than being a huge pain in the arse. think about it.
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    Wow ... how on earth do you have time to post such drivel while co-managing a 9 figure hedge fund? LOL

    The thread title is about "capitulation"; not bashing.

    For the thread starter ... I think we'll continue to see a slow bleed of the markets with occasional bounces. I suspect once we get into the winter months and people start seeing their heating bills that we'll see even less disposable income and retail sales, etc. will deteriorate a bit more. US savings rate is already a negative amount, meaning consumers are dipping into savings to finance their lifestyles. People can't give away their SUV's now ... and the continued high gas prices will further pinch consumers. Since there's no earth shattering event to cause capitulation, and people want to believe we're due for a bounce, they'll continue to buy on the way down.
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  5. Yeah, at 1.4 posts a day, so much of my time is wasted on these boards LOL.

    Sounds like you're a bit jealous.
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  6. I guess you aren't including your other 516 aliases.
    Include them, and your post count goes to the moon.
    Get real.
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  7. You are too funny.

    You come on ET and start a thread that says "Look for 40% declines in all indexes" - - - and yet you provide not one trading recommendation whatseover, let alone a stop loss point. No technical parameters at all, just a 3 month time frame and a lot of newspaper headlines about the "sky is falling" to support your opinion.

    Sorry buddy, but I don't need to look at your comments about how oil hovering around $65.00 per barrel is dampening consumer spending ( I already read that in the newspaper ) and I certainly don't need to read your comments about hurricane disasters taking a toll on the property insurance industry ( I read that in the newspaper too ).

    Anyone can trade off of newspaper headlines.
    You bring nothing to the party my friend.
    No insight at all.

    And all this from a guy that posted the following back in mid-April just 3 days before the DEAD ASS LOWS OF THE YEAR AT SPX 1137.50!

    04-16-05 12:51 AM - - - EtfTraderLives

    "I dont know how you guys/gals can sit at your desk all day watching quotes and charts flicker on your screen in this '70s type of market.

    Why not take a long term short and go enjoy life!"
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  8. I tell you what, lithium, since you've already called Baron on midnight saturday (hey, at least you had a conversation on a saturday night!), I give Baron the OK to tell you how many handles i've had since I began as rubberbird.

    Baron, you have my blessing to tell lithium capital, before he OD's on lithium, to reveal just how many handles i've had since 4/20/04.

    I go one handle at a time. I know this hurts.
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  9. TGregg


    Geez, sounds like you two both are too busy bitching at each other to be actually trading.
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  10. Not at all TGregg.
    Check out my post earlier today on the "Market is Making a Short Term Low" thread looking to play a bottom in the SPX.

    The ES just traded the R1 at 1191.90

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